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The latest developments in technical textiles


In fibres and yarns, Teijin has developed a false-twist yarn with longlasting antistatic properties. Fiber Innovation Technology (FIT) is producing a new flame retardant fibre based on GE Plastic’s polyetherimide resin which meets strict regulations on flame retardance, smoke and toxicity and has good dyeability. Kufner has invented a novel stretchable yarn with electrical conductivity for heated car seats, and Nicca has come up with a technique for removing oligomers from polyester fibres. TrapTek has developed a new encapsulation technique which protects against the deactivation of performance enhancing particles during melt spinning.

In the case of other textile products, an Italian firm has developed a chemical-free glove for household dusting while Albarrie has come up with a novel textile barrier for containing oil and petroleum spills. BMW, meanwhile, has patented a fabric which offers an alternative to metal vehicle body panels and which has wide-ranging possibilities.

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