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Review: SunWarrior Protein Wins Editor's Choice Award for Raw ...

http://www.naturalnews.com/023547.html [2008-7-2]

Tag : Soy Protein Concentrate
(NaturalNews) If you're into a plant-based diet and all the healthand performance benefits that come from eating plants, it'sdifficult to find a high-quality source of supplemental protein.Until now, traditional sources have been soy protein, yellow peaprotein, hemp seed protein, brown rice protein and mesquite flour.But each of these has problems. Isolated soy protein, for example,is a cheap, low-end protein "filler" protein that's often extractedwith chemical solvents (and can even be made fromgenetically-modified soybeans!). This is why it's the No. 1 proteinused in all those cheap, low-end protein bars found at the grocerystore.

Hemp protein, on the other hand, is nutritionally very rich, but itoften has an annoyingly high "grit" factor, and the taste is notvery pleasing to many consumers (I still eat lots of hemp protein,though, due to its outstanding nutritional profile). Brown riceprotein also seems to have a high grit factor, and it never seemedto offer sufficient assimilation to provide all the protein Ineeded in my diet. That's why, until now, I had never found asource of brown rice protein that I really liked.

All that changed when I received a phone call from Brent Hauver atSunWarrior ( www.SunWarrior.com ). He had gotten my phone number from David Wolfe at SunfoodNutrition ( www.SunFood.com ), who was convinced that I needed to know about this new "silkysmooth" brown rice protein that was about to be launched. He saidit was both raw and vegan , and that it trounced every other plant-based protein product onthe market today in terms of assimilation and performance. Strongclaims, yes. But could they be true?

In this article, you'll hear my full review of this breakthroughSunWarrior brown rice protein concentrate. I'll reveal why I'vecome to the conclusion almost everyone can benefit from thissupplemental protein (including women, children and seniorcitizens), and how it helped me break through a strength plateau inmy own training at the gym. Better yet, you'll also learn about an exclusive, time-limited discount offered only toNaturalNews readers . Feel free to just skip right to the discount code, below, ifyou're ready to try SunWarrior protein for yourself. (Note: I earnnothing from the sales of this product. This is a 100% independent,non-commercial product review.)

You can watch my video review of SunWarrior Protein here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtk3pNfQddU

You can also listen to my audio interview with Brent Hauver here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcasts.html#36

My introduction to SunWarrior Protein When Brent enthusiastically described SunWarrior protein to me, Iwas naturally skeptical. I've got a lot of products showing up atmy door every day, and some are described with some fairlyoutrageous claims, but knowing the integrity of David Wolfe andSunfood, I decided to go visit Brent Hauver in person and find outfor myself if this protein product lived up to its claims.

I got that chance at the Expo West gathering in Anaheim,California, where over 3,000 natural living product vendors gettogether to show off their latest products to buyers like WholeFoods, Vitacost, and individual health food chains from around theworld.

On the first morning, just after the exposition doors opened, Idarted over to the SunWarrior booth and introduced myself to BrentHauver, the founder of SunWarrior. Brent is really tall, with awide smile and a level of enthusiasm for natural living that'sridiculously contagious. Within minutes we were talking aboutglobal transformation through the pursuit of a plant-based diet,and why animal-based protein products are being increasinglyreplaced with plant-based protein supplements by discerningconsumers.

Brent tells me his new SunWarrior protein product is raw, GMO-free,vegan, fermented brown rice protein, and that what's in the canister is 85% pureprotein! He also says it's silky smooth, without any of the gritusually associated with brown rice protein products. This isaccomplished, Brent explains, through a high-tech microfiltrationprocess conducted at very low temperatures (room temperature,essentially), which keeps the product raw. No chemical solventswhatsoever are used in the processing of this brown rice proteinconcentrate.

I interrupted Brent to remind him that I still hadn't tasted theproduct to see for myself what it was like. He chuckled, reachedunder the booth table, pulled out a 2.2 lb. container of SunWarrior"Natural" Protein, and with a magician's flourish, whipped back acurtain, revealing a Vita-Mix blender. (Score! A Vita-Mix on theroad is worth its weight in gold, I've discovered...)

I scooped up three or four heaping spoons of SunWarrior protein,chucked it into the Vita-Mix, then poured in a container ofunsweetened hemp milk I'd scored the night before. After a15-second blend, I poured the resulting brown rice protein milkinto a cup and chugged it.

Wow... Brent was right. No grit! This stuff was not onlyexquisitely delicious, it was also silky smooth . As smooth as the best whey protein powders, yet it was made frombrown rice! This made it easy to swallow, and the taste wasphenomenal: Just a hint of natural sweetness, with absolutely noneof the sharp taste overtones you might find in hemp protein or soyprotein. I instantly knew I could blend this into any smoothie -- fruit, chocolate, tropical, whatever! -- and the taste wouldfit right in.

On top of that, this product had no chemical sweeteners, no refinedsugars, no dairy, no soy, no genetically-modified ingredients...this looked like the plant-based protein product I was searchingfor!

Why a professional bodybuilder switched to SunWarrior Protein I won't go into all the rest of the technical details of what Brentdescribed to me: How the product is fermented, for example, to makethe amino acids far more bioavailable, and why this greatlyenhances absorption, making it superior to any other plant-basedprotein source he'd ever seen. I agreed this was a big benefit,because as a person who works out at the gym quite a bit, I'musually disappointed with plant-based protein products. Theyusually don't provide the absorption I'm looking for, and theyleave me feeling hungry and under-nourished.

That's when superstar bodybuilder Wade McNutt stopped by the booth.He's a champion bodybuilder with a freakishly ripped physique. Islapped a microphone on Wade and pressed record on my portableaudio recorder as he talked about why whey protein caused himbloating and gas, but after finding SunWarrior protein, his waistslimmed down, all the bloating went away, and he was getting somecrazy-good results at the gym... all from SunWarrior brown riceprotein! (You can check out Wade McNutt's "natural bodybuilding"site, if you're curious, at: www.WadeBodySystems.com )

Listen to my full interview with Wade McNutt and Brent Hauver here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcasts.html#36

With all this enthusiasm about the SunWarrior product, I told BrentI would give it the Health Ranger test: I would take it home, workout with it for 2-3 months as my primary protein source and findout what it did for me personally. So I bought several largecanisters from Brent, stacked them into the back of my van, anddrove back to Tucson after the show, ready to start the test.

You can get your own SunWarrior protein right now, by the way, withan exclusive discount for NaturalNews readers, at: http://store.sunwarrior.com/SearchResul...

Use coupon code natnews to get the 10% discount (good only through July 10th). After July10th, it's the regular price, which is still a really fantasticprice, by the way, as I've seen competing products sell for $60 -$70 for similar quantities. (Don't compare SunWarrior Protein tocheap soy-based protein products. There's simply no comparison...)

You can also order by phone at: 800-205-2350 (U.S. only)

Who Needs Supplemental Protein You don't have to be working out in the gym, of course, to benefitfrom supplemental protein. A lot of natural health consumers areeating and drinking so many plants that they don't get the level ofprotein they would need for optimum performance. This is even trueof women; especially those who are pregnant.

High-quality protein, I've discovered, is absolutely crucial formaintaining a healthy heart and healthy digestive system. Often,people suffering from Crohn's disease or irritable bowel syndrome see their symptoms completely disappear when they shift to ahigh-assimilation plant-based protein product. I've even heard ofasthma and arthritis vanishing! (Because animal products causeinflammation, of course...)

Getting off of animal products and onto a plant-based diet, infact, is likely the single most beneficial decision you can make inyour own diet. And usually, when people do that, they're concernedabout getting enough protein because they aren't eating meatanymore. Well guess what? SunWarrior Protein solves that. (Plus,you can eat quinoa, kale juice, spinach juice, nuts, seeds and lotsof other plant-based protein sources.) Also, as Dr. Gabriel Cousenspoints out, cooking food destroys about half its protein, so eatingRAW plants will also boost your protein intake substantially!

Children especially need high-quality plant-based proteins, andthis SunWarrior product is the perfect way to deliver that in atasty, sweet superfood smoothie that has absolutely no grit and nochemical additives. If you've got children and you want to feedthem right, I encourage you to experiment with adding SunWarriorprotein to their smoothies. Just blend it up with lots of fruitsand superfoods, then sweeten with stevia, agave nectar or even rawhoney! It's delicious!! (I also recommend Sunfood's raw cacaopowder in those smoothies to turn them into raw chocolatepowerhouse smoothies! You can find that at www.Sunfood.com )

For anyone who exercises -- even just walking a few times a week --I can't say enough about this: SunWarrior Protein could very wellbe the product that helps you break through that performanceplateau and get to the next level of strength, endurance, fitnessor just pure cosmetic beauty in your own life.

People who look fit, lean and athletic are sexy! But it's onlytruly sexy from the inside out if they're doing it naturally,without chemicals, additives or junk protein products. That's whySunWarrior makes so much sense: It helps build an athletic physiquewhile staying 100% natural, raw and plant-based!

By the way, I do want to interject here and say that becoming athletic also requires lots of exercise . You cannot eat your way to an athletic body. Food is crucial, butexercise is still required, no matter what. Lots of it.Fortunately, SunWarrior is exactly the kind of product that givesyou the strength, endurance and adaptability that helps you pursueand enjoy far more exercise than what you might have done in thepast; and that's what will give you the results you're looking for!(Weight loss, slim waist, radiant skin, better posture, ripped abs,whatever...)

How to get SunWarrior Protein: Go to:

Use coupon code natnews to get the 10% discount (good only through July 10th) on as manybottles as you want. The discount is also good on SunWarrior'sActivated Barley product, which is also outstanding!

You can also order by phone at 800-205-2350 (then choose option #1). (U.S. only)

How SunWarrior performs in the gym Everybody who has seen my fitness pictures knows I'm not a superbulky muscle guy ( www.HealthRanger.org/stats.html ). At over six feet tall, I just don't have the proportions to looklike a Wade McNutt, but I do pack a lot of strength and enduranceinto my much smaller muscles. In fact, I've steadily built strengthover the last eight years to the point where I'm much stronger atage 38 than I was at age 30, and I'm doing things now withCapoeira, Pilates and martial arts that I could never do in my 20's(because I was eating a junk food diet then, of course).

But the big question was now: Would SunWarrior protein supportsignificant strength and endurance gains in my own trainingroutine?

To conduct this test, I stopped eating fish. As NaturalNews readersknow, I used to eat fish from time to time as a last resortanimal-based protein source. I always felt I needed the fishprotein to avoid feeling hungry all the time, and even though Idisliked sacrificing any living creature to feed myself, I reasonedthat fish were the simplest life forms providing such protein, andthus any bad karma would be minimized. (Funny how we rationalizethings like that, huh?)

Well, I'm happy to announce that SunWarrior protein worked to keep me off all animal products,period! After a few days, it became obvious to me that SunWarrior proteinwas providing the same high-density protein assimilation as fishmeat, and I no longer needed to eat fish at all.

From that day, I have been on a 100% vegan diet! It's exciting,because as an "O" blood type, and someone who used to beprediabetic, I had always felt the need to consume a lot ofprotein, but suddenly, something truly magical was happening withSunWarrior Protein that completely shifted my biology and got meoff fish protein for life!

But how about the training in the gym? Would SunWarrior make meweak and thin, or strong and functional?

Getting fit, lean and trim with SunWarrior Protein It's not difficult to notice that a lot of raw foodists don't havemuch muscle mass. Although I completely respect the Ghandi approachto minimizing calories (and extending life), I personally do notchoose to live my life in a state of hunger. I like to eat a lot offood, and I enjoy the physical freedom and athletic expression thatcomes from being able to do handstands, poi spinning, weightlifting and other similar functions that require significant musclestrength.

So I enjoy being strong, lean and muscular, regardless of whetherit's a bit of a diversion from the usual raw foodie physique.Because I'm so serious about strength gains, I track the results of all my workouts . I know exactly how much weight I can push for how many reps, foreach muscle group. Since I've kept logs for the past three years,this gave me an ideal way to test the effectiveness of SunWarriorProtein.

After blending SunWarrior Protein into my smoothies twice each day(for a week or so), I hit the gym and began the workouts. The firstworkout was really just a way to wake up the muscles and get themto adapt with more strength over time, so I wasn't really concernedabout the strength performance on the first workout. Rather, I wasmore interested in how my muscles would adapt to the workout when I was on theSunWarrior Protein product!

It didn't take long for that answer to become clear. After twoweeks, nearly every one of my strength exercises was UP by anywherefrom 5% - 10%. One leg exercise went up by 20%! (Leg press.)

If these gains seems small, consider that I'm not some newbie tothe gym. I've been working out for years, and sometimes I'll go sixmonths with no gains whatsoever for a particular muscle group. Tosee a 10% strength gain in two weeks is phenomenal for a personwho's already training on a regular basis.

After a few more weeks of tracking the results of over 25exercises, the results were clear: I was gaining significant strength on this raw, vegan protein , even without the fish protein in my diet. SunWarrior was working!

And yet, it didn't make me bloated or gassy. It didn't make mymuscles look bulky, either; it just help me keep them looking leanand functional -- even while I was getting stronger!

Team Warrior This made me an instant convert to the SunWarrior brown riceprotein. I was astonished at the performance gains on this product,and knowing that it was 100% GMO-free, chemical free, sweetenerfree and made entirely from raw plants drove this point home evenfurther: SunWarrior is the best plant-based protein concentrate productavailable today, anywhere in the world!

David Wolfe feels the same way about it. He provided this quote forthis article:

"For years I have been looking for a pure, natural, superfood,protein source that tastes great, is easy to assimilate, burns fatand tones muscle. That's when I discovered Sun Warrior. At 85%protein, this is the best meal replacement strategy ever. When usedwith nutrient dense superfoods like my Maca Extreme, Goji Berries,Cacao Powder and Yacon Syrup you can pack more nutrition into asingle smoothie than many people get in a month. From moms on thego to extreme athletes, Sun Warrior provides a quick and deliciousway to get the energy and nutrition your body needs to make everyday the best day ever!" - David Wolfe, founder www.sunfood.com, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, Eating For Beauty,Amazing Grace, Naked Chocolate

So now, David Wolfe, Wade McNutt and myself have all joined "TeamSunWarrior," which is a group of natural living warriors who areusing this product to fuel our muscles as we pursue our work in theworld. You can read more about Team Warrior at: http://store.sunwarrior.com/Articles.asp?ID=134

Be part of Team SunWarrior yourself by getting SunWarrior Proteinat: www.SunWarrior.com

Use coupon code natnews to get the 10% discount (good only through July 10th) on anySunWarrior product.

SunWarrior Protein powers elite athletes who are embracing aplant-based diet It also turns out that Brent Hauver, the founder of SunWarrior, isturning on all kinds of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athletes to thisproduct, and in doing so, he's getting an increasing number ofthose guys off the animal products and onto plant-based diets thatare fine-tuned for athletic performance! Is that exciting, orwhat?!

I love the fact that elite athletes are now starting to ditch theanimal products and discover the seemingly superhuman performanceattributes of eating superfoods, raw foods, and plant-based proteinconcentrates. This could really change the tide for mainstreamAmerica and show all those kids who look up to MMA athletes thateating McDonald's hamburgers and drinking Pepsi is NOT going tomake you fit and healthy!

Brent Hauver at SunWarrior is leading the charge to introduce thisplant-based protein to the very top athletes in the MMA industry. Ipersonally believe, without a doubt, that the top athletes who switch to superfoods, raw foods andplant-based diets will greatly out-perform those who don't .

I think that a plant-based diet may turn out to be the single mostimportant factor in determining an athlete's strength, endurance,adaptability and resiliency. In fact, be sure to read my $10,000athletic challenge, where I've personally challenged Big Pharma toproduce a single person on their prescription drugs who can beat mein a physical contest. You can read that $10,000 challenge here: http://www.naturalnews.com/023476.html

What can SunWarrior protein do for you? Regardless of what SunWarrior protein does for anybody else, thereal question is: What can it do for you?

Based on my considerable research and experience in this area, hereare the main benefits of SunWarrior brown rice protein:

• Builds functional strength without unnecessary bulk causedby the hormones found in meat products.

• Helps create a lean, athletic body with a thin waist (nogas, no bloating, no putrified meat products sitting in yourgut...)

• Accelerates strength gains due to the outstandingassimilation of amino acids (probably due to the fermentationprocess).

• Tastes truly fantastic: Can be used in ANY smoothie!

• Does not contain ANY garbage additives: No chemicalsweeteners, no chemical solvents, no refined sugars, no dairy, nosoy, no animal byproducts, nothing artificial!

• Seems to be remarkably alkaline for a protein product.Animal-based proteins are highly acidic and have a huge insulinload over time, but this SunWarrior Protein has never made meacidic, even when consumed in large quantities!

• Allows you to follow more of a high-protein diet withoutturning to animal products. Please remember to also drink lots offresh vegetable juices, eat fruits, superfoods, nuts and seeds,too.

• Is available at an almost ridiculously low price,considering the quality of what's in it (and the time-limitedcoupon code, see below).

How to get SunWarrior for yourself I'm happy to announce that I've prearranged with the SunWarriorcompany to not only provide a healthy discount to NaturalNewsreaders, but I've also made sure they have 10,000 bottles on handso that they don't run out of inventory (as has happened a lot inthe past when I reviewed a great product like this!).

So here's the deal: For 10 days only , you can save 10% on the already-low price of SunWarrior, which is normally $48.95for a huge, 2.2-lb. canister.

1. Go to http://store.sunwarrior.com/SearchResul...

2. Add SunWarrior protein and Activated Barley products to yourshopping cart. (There is no quantity limit on this offer. Irecommending stocking up a bit, because this introductory discountwill NOT be repeated. You will never be able to get this product atthis low price again...)

3. In the shopping cart, enter natnews as the discount code. You will see an instant 10% discountreflected in your total.

4. Click the yellow "Proceed to Checkout" button at the bottom ofthe shopping cart page, and finish the checkout process.

You're done! Enjoy the SunWarrior protein!

How to order by phone If you want to order by phone, just call Sunfood at: 800-205-2350 (then press option #1). Be sure to ask for the 10% discount fromNaturalNews.

This introductory discount expires July 10th, and it's good on:

• SunWarrior Chocolate Protein
• SunWarrior Vanilla Protein
• SunWarrior Natural Flavor Protein
• SunWarrior Activated Barley (both sizes)

SunWarrior receives Editor's Choice Award Because of the extremely impressive nutritional profile of thisproduct -- and the remarkable leadership and enthusiasm of itsfounder Brent Hauver -- I've given SunWarrior protein our Editor'sChoice Award for Best New Protein Product . You'll see this award on the label of each bottle.

Financial disclaimer: Please note that I have absolutely NOfinancial relationship with the SunWarrior company or Brent. I earnnothing on product sales, and I have never received even a singledime of compensation for writing about this product. As always, Ioffer a truly independent, objective and trusted review of productsthat are the very best in the world, then I negotiate the bestdiscounts for my readers. NaturalNews does not sell these products,nor do we earn anything from their sale.

Other notable protein products Since we're talking about high-quality protein products here, Ialso wanted to mention three others that are also receiving myEditor's Choice awards. They are:

Living Protein from www.LivingFuel.com (a plant-based protein with added enzymes, probiotics, and somenatural sweeteners).

Raw Hemp Protein Powder with E3 Live and Maca from Ruth's Hemp Foods ( www.RuthsHempFoods.com ) This is an outstanding hemp protein product, from the best of thebest in the world of hemp. Ruth rocks. And the E3 Live addition tothis recipe just blows my mind...

In the world of animal-based protein products, I still stronglyadvocate Jay Robb's whey protein powders ( www.JayRobb.com ) as the most natural and most ethical in the industry. Anothergood whey protein source is Natural Factors ( www.NaturalFactors.com ). But I'm personally using plant-based proteins for theforeseeable future.

Nutritional profile of SunWarrior Protein Serving size: 21g
Total Fat: 1g
Total Carbohydrate: 3g
Dietary Fiber: 1g
Protein 16g

Watch my video review of SunWarrior Protein here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtk3pNfQddU

Listen to my audio interview with Brent Hauver here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcasts.html#36

- Mike


About the author: Mike Adams is a holistic nutritionist with a mission to teachpersonal and planetary health to the public He has authored morethan 1,500 articles and dozens of reports, guides and interviews onnatural health topics, impacting the lives of millions of readersaround the world who are experiencing phenomenal health benefitsfrom reading his articles. Adams is an honest, independentjournalist and accepts no money or commissions on the third-partyproducts he writes about or the companies he promotes. In 2007,Adams launched EcoLEDs, a maker of energy efficient LED lights that greatly reduce CO2 emissions. He's also a successful softwareentrepreneur, having founded a well known email marketing software company whose technology currently powers the NaturalNews emailnewsletters. Adams is currently the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center , a 501(c)3 non-profit, and practices nature photography, Capoeira,Pilates and organic gardening. Known on the 'net as 'the HealthRanger,' Adams shares his ethics, mission statements and personalhealth statistics at www.HealthRanger.org

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