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NuVo's Music Port adds PC integration to its audio systems

http://hiddenwires.co.uk/resourcesnews2008/news200 [2008-6-25]

Tag : RCA Audio Cable
New package greatly expands the range and functionality of NuVo'sGrand Concerto and Essentia E6G systems by embracing the PC as botha source and as a controller.
NuVo Technologies, an innovator in multi-room digital audio, todayintroduced NuVo Music Port(tm), a compact package of hardware andsoftware that enables home desktop and laptop PCs to act both assources and as controllers in a NuVo Grand Concerto or Essentia E6Gmulti-room audio system.

"Music Port bridges a significant gap in the digital musicworld that our customers inhabit," said David Rodarte,president and chief operating officer of NuVo Technologies."No longer must they navigate between two islands of digitalmusic-the substantial amount of music stored on their PCs versusthe music accessible through their NuVo systems, such asterrestrial and satellite radio through our tuners, iPod throughour docks, and CDs burned to our music servers. Music Port easilyconnects the PC to the NuVo environment and brings a wealth of newcontent and control to NuVo users."

Music Port consists of the NV-MP, a small hardware device which canbe installed on-wall, in-rack or otherwise hidden from view, and PCsoftware. NuVo dealers can install Music Port as an upgrade to anexisting system or as part of a brand-new NuVo multi-room audiosystem. Music Port software is installed via a user-friendlyinterface, and works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and WindowsHome Server, as well as most existing PC sound cards.

Music Port delivers two primary functions. The first is totransform a PC into a full-fledged multi-output source for a NuVosystem. If two 5.1 sound cards are installed on a given PC, forexample, Music Port can use them to output up to six independentstereo streams that can be simultaneously accessed and enjoyed invarious rooms around a house via NuVo's in-wall OLED Control Pads.The experience is seamless for the NuVo user; Music Port evenaggregates iTunes, Windows Media Player and Windows Media Centercontent libraries on multiple PCs on the home network and presentsthem as a single music library to the NuVo user; no longer must theuser be aware of which format a particular song or podcast may use,or where the file is stored. Users can easily browse all of theirPC audio by playlist, track, artists, album, genre or favorites.Music Port and the NuVo system reproduce the music as it is on thePC, with no additional conversion or compression.

The second primary function of Music Port is to enable any desktopPC, laptop PC or touch screen with a web browser that is connectedto the home network to serve as a controller for a NuVo GrandConcerto or Essentia E6G system, much like NuVo's in-wall OLEDControl Pads and third-party touch screens already do. Music Porttakes NuVo system control to a whole new level; the user cancontrol the system from numerous locations in the home viahard-wired devices, or roam about the house controlling it withwireless devices.

The Music Port browser interface further enhances the userexperience by providing album cover art, which makes musicselection and recognition on the NuVo system even easier and morefun. This sleek, smart browser interface provides easy andcomprehensive management of music and other home technology. Usersgain instant control over viewing, queuing and prioritizing anentire music collection.

No extra power supply is needed for Music Port, and connections aresimple. The PC connects to an amplifier via one to six RCA cables(depending on how many PC audio outputs are being used), and itconnects to the Music Port hardware with an RS232 cable. Music Portthen connects to the amplifier with an RS232 cable and a CAT5NuVoNet cable.

Music Port was engineered by Autonomic Controls specifically foruse with NuVo multi-room audio systems. Its multi-source outputcapabilities are made possible by Autonomic Controls' exclusivePolyTune(tm) technology, which enables a single sound card toprovide multiple, independent stereo outputs. Autonomic ControlsMedia Control Server 2.0 facilitates communications between theNuVo Control Pads and the host PC; the software provides two-wayremote access to Windows Media and iTunes media purchased online orripped from a user's CD collection. It also manages digital rightsmanagement (DRM) compliance, making it one of the few optionsavailable to installers and customers for DRM music consumption ina custom install environment.

"Collaborating with NuVo Technologies on Music Port has beengreatly rewarding," said Michael de Nigris, CEO, AutonomicControls, Inc. "We believe our collective engineeringresources have produced a great product. Digital media is here inforce, and Music Port makes it accessible around the house likenever before. NuVo's best-of-breed multi-room audio solutionspaired with our industry-leading control technology provide themost hassle-free enjoyment of digital media available."
NuVo Music Port is slated to ship in August 2008 for an estimatedMSRP of $999.

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